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Are the Color Enhanced Mulches Safe for My Kids & Pets?

The colorant used to color our mulches is organic. The ingredients in the colorant are also used in the cosmetics and food packaging industries. It will not harm people, pets or your plants.  Earth to You carries Grandscape® and Timber Ridge™ mulches which only contain virgin materials from the timber industry. There is absolutely no construction debris or foreign materials in any of our mulches.

What is the Difference Between Color Enhanced Mulch & Natural Mulch?

Color Enhanced Mulch has an organic colorant added in order to keep the mulch darker for a longer period of time.  Natural Bark Mulches without colorant added will typically lighten quicker.  Both types of mulch will break down evenly adding beneficial nutrients to your soil.

How Deep Should I Apply My Mulch?

It is recommended to spread mulch at a depth of 2"-2.5".  Spreading mulch any deeper will heighten the chances of mold growth.

How Many Square Feet Does 1 Yard Of Mulch Cover?

One yard of Mulch will cover approximately 150 Sqft. if spreading at a depth of 2".

How Many Bags Of Mulch Is Equivalent to 1 Yard Of Mulch?

One yard of mulch is equivalent to approximately 13.5, 2 cuft. bags

How Much Mulch/Topsoil/Gravel/Sand Will My Pickup Truck Hold?

Small Pickup/Half Ton/Short Bed-Can hold 1 yard of Mulch, 1/2 yard of Topsoil, 1/2 yard of Stone or Sand

Full Size Pickup/1 Ton/Full Size Bed-Can hold 2 yards of Mulch, 1 yard of Topsoil, 1 yard of Stone or Sand

  •  It is your responsibility to know your vehicles weight capacity. We will not load a vehicle beyond it’s assumed weight limit. Earth to You has right to refuse to load vehicles or trailers we deem unable to safely transport the material.
Can I Add Bags Of Landscaping Materials Or Other Lawn & Garden Supplies To My Bulk Material Order?

Feel free to add any bagged landscape material or lawn & garden supply to your bulk material order.  We will gladly deliver them with your bulk material & unload in your driveway.

Can I Order Large Quantities Of Your Bagged Landscaping Materials?

We will gladly deliver large orders of any bagged landscaping material to your home.  Please call our store to place your order to get information & minimum order requirements.  Bagged deliveries are subject to the standard local delivery charges.

Can You Recommend A Good Contractor For My Landscaping Needs?

We work with many reputable, local companies that we can refer you to.  Please call our store to get the appropriate contact information.