A.M. Leonard LH Steel Spade


$77.95/Single Unit

Dig into the toughest jobs!

*Lifetime Warranty

We make our Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades using high-quality steel. We equip this spade with an orange powder-coated handle. This straight handle measures 50 inches in length. Next, we weld this handle to a 13-inch long steel blade. This blade measures 7-3/8 inches in width at the top edge and tapers to 6-3/8 inches at the cutting edge. The blade features a flat back and a turned foot step.

Use Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades for nearly any nursery or landscaping task. The 13-inch blade works well for general use. This blade?s flattened back prevents the buildup of soil. Its turned foot step gives you a larger surface area which allows for increased control when digging.

Leonard All-Steel Nursery Spades provide strength and durability without the added weight. This combination allows you and your crew to tackle nearly any job with minimal fatigue. 


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