A.M. Leonard Poly Scoop


$49.95/Single Unit

*Lifetime Warranty

*No matter the season this durable poly scoop makes any job easier!

The Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel features a durable one-piece design. The blade of this scoop measures 17 inches in length and 14 inches in width. The poly material gives the large blade a non-stick coating. A 25-inch D-grip handle offers great leverage.

Removing snow? Scooping mulch or gravel? Grab this scoop! The non-stick, non-marring surface makes this scoop ideal for any task. The Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel makes any job easier year-round.

The one-piece design of the Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel means it will never rust, rot, or break. The poly material holds up to even the most extreme weather conditions. 


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