SAFETYSCAPE® “Playground Cushion”


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Use under and around backyard swing sets, jungle gyms and all playground equipment and play areas. Finely shredded to a specification that provides safety and softness when used as a shock absorbing “drop-zone” for all play areas. We recommend a depth of 8”-12”.

SAFETYSCAPE® Certified Engineered Wood Fiber Play Surface has been tested by TUV SUD America and Certified By IPEMA. With Certifications ASTM F1292-17a (Section 4.2) and ASTM F2075-15. SAFETYSCAPE® Certified engineered wood fiber specific use for playground surface must be installed at an initial depth at 15 inches. This initial depth allows for a natural compaction for a 12-inch depth. SAFETYSCAPE® Certified engineered wood fiber has been tested at a 12-inch compacted depth and provides for fall protection up to 12 feet. For more information on installation instructions please visit

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