Techniseal Polynmeric Sand-Tan 50# Bag


$42.95/50# Bag

SmartSand® Polymeric Sand from Techniseal® is a mix of ASTM C144 graded sand and special polymers that provides a stable joint between interlocking concrete pavers exposed to normal traffic. Applied dry, it hardens after being activated with water. It allows joints to resist erosion, weeds and insects. SmartSand is the smart choice for everyday projects where a high-performance sand may not be needed. Manufactured with the NextGelTM technology, SmartSand® is quick to activate, sets rapidly and leaves no undesirable haze on pavers.

Installation area : Normal
Joint type : Regular
Joint width : Less than 1”
Product type : Polymeric Sand
Surface level : Flat
Surface type : Concrete Paver, Interlocking Paver, Wet Cast Paver
Coverage :
Coverage power depends on paver type and joint width.*Bag Size: 50#


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