A.M. Leonard Steel Straight Rake


$44.95/Single Unit

High-quality steel construction!

*Lifetime Warranty

Leonard All-Steel Straight Rakes feature a steel head. This head has 24 3-1/2-inch welded teeth and measures 24 inches in width.

We equip the all-steel head to a 66-inch long handle. We make this handle using tempered and heat-treated steel. We powder-coat it to protect it from rust and corrosion. We cap the handle with a comfort grip to reduce fatigue during prolonged use. The head and handle connect via a reinforced T-connection. The bolt design allows for an easy head to handle assembly.

Leonard All-Steel Rakes are excellent for grading and leveling. Use the teeth to spread your material and flip the rake over and use the flat side to level it out. Their all-steel construction ensures that they last through even the toughest tasks.

From head to handle, we designed these rakes to last. The heat-treated teeth flex, preventing them from bending or breaking.


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